Bioteams: High Performance Teams Based on Nature's Most Successful Designs

Автор: Ken Thompson

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Издател Meghan-Kiffer-Press
Брой страници 212
Година на издаване 2008
Корици меки
Език английски
Тегло 340 грама
Размери 23x15
ISBN 9780929652429
Баркод 9780929652429
Категории Икономическа литература на чужди езици, Икономика, Книги

The mark of the human kind is the ability to manipulate information outside the human body. The mark of a winning organization is the ability to form high performance teams.

Got a team you can count on? You'd better! To succeed in today's dynamic, technology-enabled environment, you must be able to function in and through teams. Bioteams offers a vision of what successful teaming experiences look like in the interconnected world of the 21st century. More than a book about team dynamics, Bioteams offers stories, principles, and guidelines showing how any individual can successfully participate in almost any work or learning-related situation faced today.

Bioteams reveals, how business enterprises, supply chains, high-tech ventures, public sector organizations and not-for-profits are turning to nature's best designs to create agile, high performing teams.

With the emergence of global Internet collaboration, social networks and mobile communications, the very meaning of the word "team" has changed--changed utterly. If we stick with our current "command-and-control" approach to teams, we will not be able to meet the growing needs of our customers or our communities in the high-change global economy.

We need a way to manage our teams that fits the new Internet environment. We need a model that has been tested in the most demanding of environments. We need more than just a model. We need a detailed "how-to" guide for creating business networks, mobile workgroups, and virtual communities.

Bioteams satisfies all these requirements. It offers a way to build exceptionally agile, high performing teams based on a thorough examination of the key principles that underpin nature's most successful groups. And, it includes a complete set of practical techniques that have been proven with real teams in the field, whose stories are described in a comprehensive set of case studies. Want to build a winning team? Read Bioteams --then act on what you've learned.

If you are looking for the book that describes the radical new model for teams in today's world--this is it!
--Toby Coppel, Managing Director of Yahoo! Europe

Bioteams is a handbook for a new business model in which ideas are no longer developed behind closed doors, but across company boundaries and amongst diverse groups of people. It is this spirit of collaboration, not competition that will be critical if we are to address the major social and economic challenges that lie ahead.
--Jonathan Kestenbaum, CEO, The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts and Board member of the Design Council, the UK Technology Strategy Board and the Royal Shakespeare Company

When I heard that Ken Thompson was writing a book to support the concept of bioteams I was very excited. To have a book of proven rules, techniques and ideas with examples that enable teams to be more agile, more effective and overcome the natural latency in responding to business situations is exhilarating.
--Charles Bess, EDS Fellow

Ken Thompson's mix of decades of practical business experience, a new idea about the way teams work together online, and his insights and analogies from nature's teams give his writing a freshness and a new perspective that I find compelling. He's not an expert handing down pronouncements; instead he's an active, still curious, researcher on the track of something new and important.
--Kevin Jones, Former Columnist at Forbes, Principal, Good Capital

There is a spectre haunting the world: the spectre of peer to peer collaboration. This is how trillions of social insects, arguably the most successful species on the planet, organise themselves. Ken Thompson not only describes how, but also what happens when human beings start to work this way and the transformation it makes to the teams in their enterprises, communities and causes.
--Leon Benjamin, Author of Winning by Sharing and co-designer of the social networking site,

In Bioteams, Ken Thompson has identified that the use of nature's most efficient collaboration techniques can enable dynamic and productive changes in both consumer and enterprise peer interaction. In fact, I was an early adopter of Ken's mind-expanding theory when I designed Inequity, my latest collaborative innovation and technology transfer venture, using bioteaming principles.
--Cory Sorice, Director of New Business Development, Black & Decker Corporation and Co-Founder of Invequity

Arguing that nature offers the best inspiration for creating effective teams, Bioteams offers solutions to the "command and control" shortcomings of the traditional organizational teams approach. Thompson describes key bioteaming implementation techniques based on tested, real-life applications, from Fortune 500 companies, to sports teams, to wikis. Bioteams is the innovative solution to your organizational challenges. But don't just read it --use it!
--Patrick Cannon, Ph.D., The Patrick Cannon Group

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