Автор: Collective

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Издател Dorling-Kindersley
Брой страници 218
Година на издаване 2003
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 1165 грама
Размери 28.5x22
ISBN 0751339334
Баркод 0751339334
Категории Енциклопедии. Каталози. Справочници, Енциклопедии и справочници, Книги

THIS EXTRAORDINARY BOOK gives you a unique opportunity to "meet the family". Come face to face with the ferocious, the timid, the awe-inspiring and the bizarre.

200 million years ago Morganucodon took the final step away from its reptile ancestors to parent all the incredible creatures we now know as mammals - including ourselves. MAMMAL brings this cast of thousands together so you can
meet everyone from the polar bear to the tree kangaroo, the chipmunk to the killer whale. Each mammal is the way it is because it has to adapt to survive in its environment - whether it runs fast or has a thick skin to deter predators, can survive days without water or has evolved for extreme cold or heat. MAMMAL takes you on a world tour through each main habitat on each continent, introducing you to the key mammal residents as you go.


Thrilling wildlife photography captures the beauty and diversity of our mammalian cousins in their natural habitats. Understand their typical behaviour, as the stunning images and simple, explanatory text introduce you to their methods of survival and their engaging quirks, from dam-building American beavers to
babysitting elephants, and predator-prey relationships to courtship and mate selection.

Expertly written and visually breathtaking, MAMMAL gives you unparalleled insight
into the lives of this most fascinating of animal groups.

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