Learn Bulgarian the Easy Way/ Package Includes Book & Four CDs

Автор: Lilia Doncheva;Marin Zagorchev;Dimitar Georgiev

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Издател Skyprint
Година на издаване 2007
Корици меки
Език български, английски
Тегло 923 грама
Размери 25x17
ISBN 9789549351897
Баркод 9789549351897
Категории Чужди езици: Помагала, речници, Книги

Learn Bulgarian the Easy Way is a complete language course. It will help you to understand, speak, read and write Bulgarian.
There is no other language course as effective and easy to use as Learn Bulgarian the Easy Way. With it, you will master the Cyrillic alphabet and the pronunciation of the living Bulgarian language gradually, and the transcription of all new words will help you throughout the course. Each unit consists of several dialogues, simple and clear explanations of all new grammar, and various exercises to practice what you have learned and test your knowledge.
The course assumes no previous training in Bulgarian. It will give you a good level in understanding the language and will enable you to communicate with confidence.

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