Living by the Mediterranean

Автор: Collective

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Издател Beta-Plus
Брой страници 204
Година на издаване 2007
Корици твърди
Език английски
Размери 29x30
ISBN 9077213333
Баркод 9077213333
Категории Архитектура. Дизайн. Интериор, Изкуство, Книги

The Mediterranean climate, with its mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers, has always spoken to the imagination of true hedonists and experienced holidaymakers.

The Mediterranean coast offers a dream setting for architectural tours de force and inspired interior designs: the open spaces, the azure blue skies, the sun-drenched beaches, the rugged natural splendour and, of course, the sea itself, which, with its many shades of colour, has a different appearance every moment.

All the projects presented in this book have the Mediterranean Sea as a central element, as a main player that determines the interior and the architecture of these buildings.

With this breathtaking natural landscape as a backdrop, the architect or interior designer cannot help but draw the surroundings into the design. Accordingly, most of the creations in this book have an abundance of glass, of simple, natural materials, minimalist shapes and monochrome colour palettes that bring the ever-present natural surroundings perfectly into the foreground.

Nature and architecture, outdoors and indoors blend to create a permanent holiday feeling.

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