The Penguin Elementary Picture Composition Book


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Издател Penguin-Books
Брой страници 80
Година на издаване 1996
Корици меки
Език английски
Размери 0x0
ISBN 0-14-081561-9
Баркод 0-14-081561-9
Категории Английски език, Чужди езици: Помагала, речници, Книги

The penguin Elementary Picture Composition Book provides a great variety of carefully structured practice in writing from pictures at beginner level.Special features include: -an Introduction with complete instructions to the teacher on how to use the book -practice in describing people and objects,narratives and giving instructions -carefully graded vocabulary and grammar -all new material is re-inforced in eight revision units throughout the book which follow the exciting story of a pop group -a comlete list of vocabulary and grammatical structures for easy reference -a complete list of irregular verbs -32 units with 90 minutes of classwork and 45 minutes of honework per week. A separate Answer Key for teachers is published.

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