Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles Vol.1,2


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Издател Taschen
Брой страници 720
Корици твърди
Език английски
Тегло 3004 грама
Размери 24x31
ISBN 9783836544801
Баркод 9783836544801
Категории Модерно изкуство, Изобразителни изкуства, Изкуство, Книги

A visual history of fonts and graphic styles: 1628–1938
This book offers a connoisseur’s overview of typeface design, exploring the most elegant fonts from the history of publishing. Taken from a distinguished Dutch collection, this exuberant two-volume edition traces the evolution of the printed letter via exquisitely designed catalogs, showing type specimens in roman, italic, bold, semi-bold, narrow, and broad fonts. Borders, ornaments, initial letters, and decorations are also included, along with lithographic examples, letters by sign writers, inscription carvers, and calligraphers.

Featuring works by type designers including: William Caslon, Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke, Peter Behrens, Rudolf Koch, Eric Gill, Jan van Krimpen, Paul Renner, Jan Tschichold, A. M. Cassandre, Aldo Novarese, and Adrian Frutiger.

In order to accommodate a vast amount of material, we have divided this text into two volumes. The first volume covers pre–20th century typeface specimens, with texts by editor Cees de Jong and collector Jan Tholenaar. The second volume covers the period from 1900 to the mid-20th century, and contains a historical outline by Alston W. Purvis.

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Добър ден! Интересувам се дали мога да поръчам тази книга, въпреки че не е в наличност.

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