Tell Me a Secret

Автор: Jane Fallon

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Издател Penguin-Books
Корици меки
Език английски
Тегло 292 грама
Размери 13x20
ISBN 9781405933124
Баркод 9781405933124
Категории на английски език, Художествена литература на чужди езици, Художествена литература, Книги

Best friends Holly and Roz tell each other everything.

So when Holly gets a shot at her dream job after putting everything on hold to raise her daughter, she assumes Roz will be waiting to pop the champagne.

But is she just imagining things or is Roz not quite as happy as she should be?

And now she thinks about it, a few things don't quite add up...

Perhaps it was a mistake to tell Roz all her secrets.

Because it takes two to tango.

But only one to start a war...

'She's the queen of the revenge novel and Jane Fallon's done it again' Heat

'Another winner from Jane Fallon' Hello!

'Compelling, edgy, beautifully written . . . always a joy.' Daily Mail

'Witty and waspish, deliciously devious' Sunday Mirror

'Fallon's best yet. Full of laugh-out-loud wit and mischief' Milly Johnson

'It's FABALISS. I was SO GRIPPED' Marian Keyes on Faking Friends

Ключови думи: Голямото четене

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